ideaBOX Package Offerings


ideaBOX DEFEND Standard

Our standard service offerings to help get your company started to secure your environment. 



ideaBOX DEFEND Professional

Our Professional service offering includes everything from DEFEND Standard.


ideaBOX DEFEND Advanced

This is our customized service offering designed to meet your company's strict compliance needs. Please speak to our account representative for additional information.

Other Service Offerings

Cybersecurity Training

ideaBOX has put together a unique blend of scanning and detection measures to accurately secure your environment. Our multi-tiered DEFEND solution has been hand crafted to  meeting your organization's requirements.


Research & Development

ideaBOX team of security experts can customize to suit your company's compliance needs. We can determine what needs to be properly assessed in order to pass your auditors.


Dark Web Scanning

The Dark Web is a hidden world that is 10x larger than the publicly known Internet that we all love to navigate. Our service helps to uncover if your company or personnel are in danger for fraud activities. 


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