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Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Tools

ideaBOX’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Service is our most popular (and protective) solution for protecting your business from modern cyber threats. Our comprehensive security tools and services help you safeguard your business and ensure regulatory compliance.

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What Does Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity
Service Include?

The ideaBOX Comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Management Roadmap


The First 30 Days: Essential Cybersecurity Services

In the first month, ideaBOX will:

  • Deploy an agentless network collector to gather key network and workstation data, creating a complete map of your network.
  • Apply an MDR threat detection technology to each workstation and file server to further enhance your defenses against real-time cyber threats.
  • Activate 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center) Onboarding.
  • Develop cyber threat and response matrix specific to your business.
  • Perform a physical/virtual walkthrough of your key server and network equipment.
  • Review your current cybersecurity resources and policies—any immediate issues that don’t require additional software/hardware purchases will be addressed as soon as possible.

Days 31-60: Cybersecurity Service Review and Enhancements

In the second month, our team will:

  • Publish the first version of our Key Cyber Findings and other reports—including a full Network Site Diagram with detailed notes on your network assets.
  • Conduct a comprehensive Dark Web search to check if your company’s data is being sold by cybercriminals.
  • Perform a “deep dive” into your Active directory and inspect cybersecurity policies such as your password policies.
  • Create the first draft of a custom cybersecurity policy to help your company meet (and beat) NIST guidelines.

Days 61-90: Proactive Cybersecurity Risk Management

In the third month, ideaBOX will:

  • Refine the Cybersecurity Policy document as new issues are found and addressed.
  • Review findings from a Backup Disaster Recovery analysis to find ways to increase your data resiliency.
  • Conduct penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities and eliminate key cybersecurity risks.
  • Start with a managed DNS deployment to help create a cybersecure IT environment.

Going Beyond 90 Days: Continuous Cybersecurity Awareness and Protection

After the third month, our cybersecurity services team will continue to protect your business from cyber threats. Some of the key activities we’ll perform include:

  • Providing ongoing Cybersecurity Reports and making tweaks to the Cybersecurity Policy.
  • Creating a Corporate End-User Security Education Training and Awareness (SETA) Program.
  • Conducting email phishing tests to enhance cybersecurity awareness and ensure that employees follow “cybersecure” practices.
  • Continue to monitor and report on any suspicious activity and remediate it as necessary.

Key Service Activities and Deliverables

Activity Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annual Annual One-Time
Cybersecurity Policy      
Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment        
Provide Cybersecurity Reports  
Update Cybersecurity Policy  
Create SETA Curriculum        
Update SETA Curriculum  
Provide End-User Training        
Continuously Monitor Network Endpoints  
Pen Testing and Reporting      
Dark Web Search        
VISO Advisory Services

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