Most organizations don’t have the resources to maintain an adequate cybersecurity program 24x7x365.

Cybersecurity is a global challenge and it requires multiple tools, skill-sets, disciplines, and experience to deal with today’s forever-changing cybersecurity threats.   We simplify these challenges with our proprietary multi-layered approach delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Our Services


Threat Detection Services

Our Threat Detection Services monitor your company’s internal and external environment, assess emerging risks and deliver near real-time detection.



Managed Security Services

 ideaBOX uses a layered approach of tools, people and process that extends far beyond the perimeter to deliver better security outcomes for each client.



Professional Services 

Our Professional Services team is led by decades of experience who utilize and partner with the best of breed in cyber forensics and incident response tools available.



Our Team

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients.  For this reason, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people and creating an environment that fosters their growth.   We only employ experts in multiple disciplines of experience e.g. SIEM tools, disseminating cyber threat intelligence and ability to interact with C-level executives. 

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Process Optimization

Our team have put together a unique, easy approach to safely identify and address security related issues. Our process has been finely tuned to adapt to your organization's needs.

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